IELTS Academic Weekend Course Fast Track-Saturday Sunday

IELTS Academic Weekend Course Fast Track-Saturday Sunday


IELTS Academic Weekend Course Fast Track-Saturday Sunday is designed to enable you to maximize your success on test day by providing you with master plan you need to succeed. The British Council is the co-owner of IELTS. Best IELTS Classes in Colombo  This being a weekend course helps anyone who is looking for best ISLETS course.

Reasons to choose this course

There are following reasons that make sure you to choose this course

  • Flexibility
  • Strategy
  • Setting learning objectives
  • Our approach to each skill of IELTS test

Main objective

The main objective of our course is to prepare you for the exams and score best in just five weeks.

Learning benefits

Here are some learning benefits for you people from this fast track weekend course.

  1. Developing of study

It helps you to familiarize all four papers that make up this IELTS test.

  1. Language skills

This course develops best language skills required. Because language is central for learning.

Tests for evaluation

Different tests are conducted in IELTS course for evaluation of your skills to get through the exams. These tests are as follows

  1. Listening test

This test evaluates understanding of truthful information and main idea.

  1. Reading test

This test evaluates your reading skills that should be fast and effective.

  1. Writing test

This test evaluates that how you you give response by sorting out your knowledge.

  1. Speaking test

This test evaluates your capability to communicate your ideas and information in better way.

Within this fast track course you will be able to enhance your listening, reading writing, and speaking skills. You will be able to perform best in the exams.

IELTS Expert

IELTS coach is selected by British Council IELTS Experts. These experts are actually qualified teachers that coach you, conduct tests and train you to maximize your score in the test. These are ideally placed to help you get the highest score you deserve.

Course timing and schedule

This course is conducted on Saturday and Sunday so that you can put your weekend to better use.

The timings for its classes are 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday both.

This schedule helps you to attend classes easily at weekend.


This fast track course is most economic and affordable to everyone in Sri Lanka. The course fee is only Rs 30,000. This economic course is most budgetary you will find in Sri Lanka among all fast tracked courses.


This course is using the most suitable strategies to help you to score highest in just five weeks. These strategies make it possible to be conducted for anyone who is desirous of participating in this course with best language skills in English. Once you follow the strategies you are trained to perform well and score best.


The participant must be confident in his English language skills.